Hello. My name is Elaina and I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapy practitioner, specialising in Past Life Regression Therapy.

Past Life Regression Therapy is about accessing memories deep in the subconscious via hypnosis. Recalling events from past lifetimes can be useful on our journey of self-discovery as it can help increase inner knowledge and expedite spiritual development. For some, exploring a past life can lead to the origin of certain issues that affect us in our present life. This is called past life residue as issues thread their way through one life to the next. We can be influenced by unfinished business, unresolved emotions, trauma or perhaps a karmic imbalance with another individual. Any of these could negatively impact the choices we make in this lifetime or create patterns that are repeated until we are able to heal. Sometimes it is necessary to look back in order to move forward. 

Perhaps Past Life Regression can provide us with more information on special relationships and connections we have with others. Maybe you have always wondered why you feel so connected to a place, country or region? Why you have been drawn to particular periods in history? Perhaps there are activities, hobbies and interests that are a carry-over from a past life?

I also offer Inter-life regression which allows access to memories of our life and activities in between incarnations, in the spiritual realm.

Past Life Regression or Inter-life Regression can both be effective tools to promote change, healing and transformation.

I am based in Dursley which is located in South Gloucestershire, and is easily accessible from Gloucester and Bristol. 

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