Client Comments


Past Life Regression Therapy:

"I had the most amazing past life regression session with this fabulous lady. It has already had an impact on my life. A most magical and awe inspiring experience!!!...I can't stop thinking about it...Thank you so very much. Wow, just wow!" 

LP, Gloucester


"I am very grateful for my Past Life Regression session with Elaina. There is no need to feel nervous as Elaina is very gentle and guides you through using a beautiful relaxing meditation....It is fascinating to discover where you go to and what life lesson it brought you...I have been blessed enough to experience Elaina's expertise in hypnotherapy and now Past Life Regression and would definitely recommend her to help you release any inner fears or addictions."

LM, Bristol


"Thank you so much....I had an amazing experience....don't think I'll ever forget it!!

LH, Bristol


"Experiencing Past Life Regression with Elaina recently was a life changing experience. The session was warm, informative and ultimately amazing! Elaina took me through a past life experience gently asking questions, leaving me very relaxed and rested afterwards. I cannot wait to return and explore another past life!" 

CE, Bristol


"My Past Life Regression with Elaina was a truly amazing experience.  I gained insight into parts of myself that although long forgotten or dismissed  continue to manifest in my everyday life.  Elaina expertly and empathically guided me through this process providing a warm, caring and skilled environment.  I felt safe to explore, relax and welcome all that came and it changed me. I highly recommend this positive life experience and thank you Elaina for your warmth, professionalism and the session we shared together!"

CS, Bristol


"I had my first ever past life regression hypnotherapy session with Elaina and couldn't think of anyone better to have done this with. Elaina makes you feel secure and at ease and confidently takes you into your past life, guiding you through and asking probing questions to reveal the details of your other self. It was really interesting and felt strangely like coming home. I would thoroughly recommend Elaina."

JH, Bristol


"Thank you so much for yesterday's session. Quite incredible! The whole experience was amazing, and you made me feel very safe and comfortable."

TH, Clevedon


"Thank you for being part of my journey, you are doing something very special."

AC, Bristol 

"Many thanks for your work the other day, a really interesting experience!"

CLS, Bristol


"Thank you very much for a really interesting session...Later after the session and back home I felt quite moved by the experience, and it is continuing to give me a lot to reflect upon."

 CM, Chepstow

"Thank you again for a lovely session, I look forward to continuing my healing journey."
NN, Bristol
"Thank you so much for today, it was truly a memorable experience."
IH, Cirencester 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy:

"Elaina has been fantastic helping me understand my own strengths and helping me overcome strong anxiety built up over time from other people's actions. This has been really holding me back from doing simple everyday things with ease but now I feel stronger and know not to worry about what other people think of me. I am a strong individual who makes my own decisions in life with out influence from others negativity. Thank you Elaina I am so much happier since I met you xx"

female - social anxiety


"Amazing experience. Elaina has a way of listening and understanding all that can and cannot be said with words. I really enjoyed my sessions with her."


female - panic attacks


"Elaina helped me take control of my eating habits and made me realize that I am capable of losing weight and not feel deprived while making healthier choices. The lack of frustration with food was instrumental in my weight loss....hypnotherapy really does work."

female - weight control


"Elaina treated me for severe depression during an extremely difficult period of my life. Her help was invaluable in enabling me to deal with the problem and build a positive way forward for the future. I am very grateful for the calm, persistent and skilled help that she provided during our sessions together. I consider her help to be have been central to my recovery".

male - depression


"I came to Elaina, eight months after stopping antidepressants and following a psychiatrist diagnoses of "Antidepressant-Induced Tardive Dysphoria / Mood Disorder". Over the previous eight months, with no let up in symptoms, which were for me so severe, that every aspect of my life was effected. Having spent these eight months being bounced around between NHS doctors and mental health teams, all of whom had no idea how to treat this condition, I had lost all hope that I would ever recover from the damage caused and would never get my life back. It was at this point that I came to Elaina for help. The 8 sessions I have had with Elaina, have completely turned my life around. Helped me to accept what has happened and accept the changes in me. It has enabled me to move forward with hope and to look forward to what the future brings."

female - mood disorder



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