Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is about taking an inner journey that could have a profound impact for some. It uses hypnosis to help you access memories deep in your subconscious that relate to the many lives you have experienced prior to this current lifetime.

All of our past lives are still a part of us and can sometimes affect our current life. Unresolved issues can repeat one lifetime after another until we are able to work through them. Sometimes, just becoming aware of the origin of unhelpful issues or repeating patterns could be enough to promote healing.

Learning about our past lives can help advance our personal growth as we reach deeper levels of self-understanding through self-discovery.

Oftentimes people choose to experience Past Life Regression purely out of curiosity but it has also been known to help with the following:

  • understand past life trauma in order to find healing and resolution
  • further our spiritual journey
  • bring about emotional or physical healing
  • increase our self-understanding
  • understand the origin of current relationship issues
  • shed light on our life’s purpose
  • identify recurring patterns in the choices we make
  • diminish, or even eradicate, the fear of death
  • discover the reason we feel drawn to certain places, periods in history, people or activities
  • locate the root cause of our fears, phobias, inexplicable physical pain and ailments or emotional challenges in order to overcome them

Past Life Regression Therapy will not only guide you through past life experiences, but will also deal with any emotional pain or issue(s) you may unearth during your journey. PLRT is not just about exploration and self-discovery, it is also about healing.

The Inter-Life Experience

For those who can easily access past lives, either through experience, practice or developed ability, it is possible to access memories from the Inter-Life, or the spirit world between incarnations. The process is simple, but requires access to deeper levels of our subconscious. It works like this. Once the person taking a past life journey arrives at the death scene, we move past the point where the soul leaves the body and enters the spirit world. While exploring the Inter-Life, the soul might recall meeting spirit guides, their soul group and soul mates. They may remember the healing process as they arrive in Spirit, undergoing a life review, engaging in Inter-Life activities and eventually preparing for their next incarnation. The late Dr. Michael Newton was a pioneer in the study of Inter-Life memories, which he called Life Between Lives. He wrote four ground-breaking books on the subject and catalogued 40,000 hours worth of case studies. He discovered that most subjects recalled similar patterns of Inter-Life experiences. Since then, past life therapists have found that a number of souls currently inhabiting the Earth actually remember an inter-life journey of inter-planetary origin. The greatest benefit to delving deeper into our subconscious and remembering our Inter-Life is to better understand our life's purpose and our soul's journey. 

Should you choose to explore Inter-Life memories, I highly recommend booking 2 sessions in order to maximise the benefits of undergoing such a journey.  




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